Allied Military Currency 8 Banknote Collection Folio


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Allied Military Currency 8 Banknote Collection Folio


These notes circulated in countries liberated by the Allied military forces in the last days of the Second World War.


France 2 & 5 francs, Germany 1 & 5 marks, Italy 1 & 10 lira, Japan 10 & 50 sen, Austria 20 schillings

Allied military currency, or AMC, was produced in Austrian schillings, French francs, German marks, Italian lire, and Japanese sen and yen. Each issue was produced in secret and given a code name: Operation Husky (Italy), Operation Tom Cat (France), Operation Wild Dog (Germany), Operation Ordain (Austria), and Operation Toy Horse (Japan). The first notes were used in August,1943, in Italy, and would not be completely withdrawn from circulation until the end of the decade.

All of the notes explicitly state that they are Allied Military Currency, with the exception of France. This omission led to a propaganda campaign by the Germans to discredit the AM francs.


  • Weight/Dimensions: 363.2 g | 9 x 6.25 x 1


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