2023 Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars NGCX MS10 Advance Release w/Kenneth Bressett Signature

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After a one-year interruption due to the silver shortage the sought-after Morgan and Peace dollar program is back!


These two-piece sets featuring a Morgan and Peace dollar struck at the Philadelphia Mint are the most anticipated coin release of the year!


We offer both coins certified in perfect MS10 condition by NGCX. From a total mintage of 275,000 sets The United States Mint has only defined 27,500 sets as Advance Releases. Buying one of these sets automatically puts your collection in the top 10% of these popular coins. Significantly not every Advance Release coin has the full strike and flawless surfaces required to be awarded the perfect numismatic grade of MS10.


Kenneth Bressett Authentic Signature Labels

Adding another level of exclusivity to the low mintage and perfect MS10 Advance Release grade is the genuine hand signature of Kenneth Bressett, the man behind the Red Book coin guide. Kenneth Bressett was appointed editor of the Official Red Book in 1962. He has since become one of the most famous numismatic researchers and writers of all time having published numerous books and articles in his more than 60 years of involvement in the hobby. He currently serves as the Official Red Book’s editor emeritus.



Presidential appointment to U.S. Assay Commission, 1966


Presidential appointment to U.S. Citizens Commemorative Coin Advisory Committee, 1996


Numismatic Literary Guild Award


American Numismatic Association Medal of Merit


American Numismatic Association Farran Zerby Memorial Award


Rittenhouse Society Medal of Merit


Numismatic Ambassador Award


American Numismatic Association Hall of Fame


American Numismatic Association Honorary Doctorate


NGCX MS10 Condition

This set features the all new NGCX 10-point grading scale for coins. The 10-point grading scale has long been the standard for most collectibles, including comic books, sports cards, trading cards and more. These are the first Morgan & Peace dollars sets certified in perfect MS10 condition and are extremely collectible.


Collector Highlights

The most anticipated coin release in 2023

Only 27,500 coins designated as Advance Release

Minted in .999 pure silver

Perfect MS10 condition by NGCX

These are the first Morgan & Peace Dollars graded MS10

Red Book labels

One of a select few coins signed by Kenneth Bressett



  • Date: 2023
  • Metal: Silver
  • Weight: 1.7 oz.
  • Purity: .999
  • Mintage: 27,500 Advance Release
  • Condition: MS10


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