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This set is a great way to catch up or start your collection of type 2 American Silver Eagles with the new Eagle Landing design by Emily Damstra. This four-piece set comprises a 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024 coin certified in perfect MS70 condition by PCGS. Each piece is guaranteed to be a First Strike coin. Emily Damstra, the designer of the coin has hand signed each piece.


American Silver Eagles are the most collected silver coins in the world and the most important coins released each year from the U.S. Mint. Designer signatures are popular, Damstra is no ordinary designer, She is a revered Master Designer who has designed over fifty coins for the U.S. Mint and for the Royal Canadian Mint. Two of her designs won the prestigious Coin of the year (COTY) award for best coin. That’s quite a pedigree. Her initials ESD are engraved on ever type 2 Silver Eagle coin.


Most important and most widely collected U.S. Silver coin.


The current and future value of any coin is predicated on the number of people collecting them.


Millions of people collect Silver Eagles.


Since 2021, the U.S Mint has sold out all collector options of the new type 2 coins with the new Damstra design. 


Date run 2021 -2024 every mint state coin issued


Perfect MS70 condition by PCGS, the highest state of perfection possible.


Coveted First Strike designation prized by collectors. 


Signed by award winning Master Designer Emily Damstra – She is one of the foremost coin designers in the world with over 50 designs!


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