2021 Peace Silver Dollar - Original Government Packaging

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2021 Peace Silver Dollar - Original Government Packaging


The United States Mint’s 2021 Peace Dollars signed into Law by President Donald J Trump celebrate the 100th anniversary of the final Morgan dollar and First Peace dollar minted in 1921 to celebrate peace between the U.S. and Germany. Peace dollars, designed by renowned Italian American Sculptor Anthony de Francisci (1887 - 1964) were minted until 1935. U.S. Mint designers and sculptors created these coins by scanning old assets, including Peace dollar hubs and plasters, the finest scanned components were digitally mapped and pieced together to create this exquisitely sculpted legal tender coin.



  • First Peace Silver Dollar coin for 86 years
  • Low mintage of only 200,000 coins
  • Legal tender status                                                       
  • Original government packaging                                 
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Minted for the first time in .999 pure silver


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