2021 CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS70 Mint Director s Series David Ryder Signature

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2021 CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS70 Mint Director’s Series David Ryder Signature

This 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar is the first coin in U.S. Mint history issued with a CC for Carson City “privy mark” rather than a CC mintmark!  The coin was issued for the 100th anniversary of the final year of release for the iconic Morgan Silver Dollar series in 1921. U.S. Mint designers and sculptors created this coin by scanning old assets, including the original Morgan dollar, hubs, and plasters, the finest scanned components were digitally mapped and pieced together to create the new design. Because the Carson City Mint closed in 1893 this coin was issued with a privy mark “CC”, as opposed to a mintmark! This is the first use of a CC privy mark and is an important collectible feature of this historic coin.



Coins are graded on the Sheldon numeric grading scale of 1 to 70. This coin has been certified in flawless MS70 condition by NGC. Prior to the issuance of this coin, no Morgan Silver dollar had ever made the perfect MS70 grade! Morgan Dollars bearing the beloved CC mintmark were only minted from 1878 to 1893, making them the rarest version of the coin by mintage, approximately 13 million coins!

This coin has been hand signed by David J. Ryder, who served as both 34th and 39th Director of the United States Mint. Named one of Coin World’s Most Influential People (1960-2020), Ryder brought many exciting modern coins to the marketplace, greatly enhancing the tradition of U.S. coin collecting with his leadership. He oversaw the most popular U.S. Mint releases of recent memory, including the release of this 100th Anniversary Morgan dollar.

Collector Highlights

First use of a CC privy mark in U.S. Mint history

2021 coin is the first ever Morgan Dollar certified in perfect MS70 condition

Low mintage of 175,000 coins

Morgan dollars minted from 1878-1921 were .900 pure silver. This coin is .999 pure silver

Coin signed by David J. Ryder who led the U.S. Mint during the issuance of this coin

First Morgan Dollar issued for 100 years

Low NGC certified population – Black Core Mint Director’s Series holders


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