2021 $50 Gold Eagle - At Dusk & Dawn 35th Anniversary NGC MS70 2-PC set with matched Numbers David Ryder Signature

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2021 $50 Gold Eagle - At Dusk & Dawn 35th Anniversary NGC MS70 2-PC set with matched Numbers David Ryder Signature


This special and very limited two-coin set comprises one of the final 500 American $50 Gold Eagle coins minted with the classic design and one of the first 500 $50 Gold Eagle coins minted with the new Type 2 design.


These coins have a special provenance of being one of only 500 coins struck at a special minting ceremony held at the West Point Mint in April 2021 marking the transition between old and new designs and were personally struck by U.S. Mint Director David Ryder.  

Numismatic Guaranty Company™ (NGC®) has certified both pieces in perfect MS70 condition and ATTRIBUTED MATCHED NUMBERES showing these coins were the 219th last coin struck with the classic design and the 219th coin struck with the new Type 2 design. 

American Gold & Silver Eagles at Dusk at Dawn 35th Anniversary coins Coin # 1 sold for $100,000


The U.S. Mint sold the final American Gold and Silver Eagles with the classic design and the first coins minted with the new Type 2 designs at auction in September 2022 for over $4.6 million.


Numerous price records were set during the auction for these extremely desirable coins. Coin # 1, the very first 2021 American Gold Eagle coin with the new design by Jennie Norris sold for $100,000, more than triple the prior record public auction price of $29,700.   

These are one of the few sets signed by U.S. Mint David Ryder  
These coins are numismatic treasures and the pinnacle of any American Gold Eagle collection. This set has been hand signed by David J. Ryder, who served as both 34th and 39th Director of the United States Mint. Ryder brought many exciting modern coins to the marketplace, greatly enhancing the tradition of U.S. coin collecting with his leadership. He oversaw the most popular U.S. Mint releases of recent memory, including the 75th Anniversary of World War II, Type 2 Silver Eagle, and Gold Eagle, as well as the 100th Anniversary Morgan and Peace Dollars. He Led the continued operation of the U.S. Mint during the global pandemic, including generating near-record revenue through its wildly popular numismatic releases while many of the mint’s peers around the world ceased operations.


Collector Highlights
Most limited U.S. Mint release of all time!

One of the first and last 500 Gold Eagles minted

Coins minted at a special striking ceremony

First time ever the U.S. Mint documented the order they minted coins  

Last strike and First strike – Matched numbered set

Perfect MS70 grade by NGC

Signature coin hand signed by David Ryder  

Absolute rarity


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