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This coin is regarded as one of the most desirable modern issue coins ever struck.


Special Ultra High Relief strike This coin was struck twice under 65 metric tons of pressure

Double the thickness of any other U.S. Mint gold coin in history!

Has the wording E Pluribus Unum engraved in the edges of the coin

Date 2009 shown in Roman Numerals MMIX

Minted in one-ounce of pure 24-karat gold!

Offered in NGCX perfect MS10 condition.

Hand Signed by Kenneth Bressett


New NGCX 10-Point Grading

Since 1949 coins have been graded on the familiar Sheldon numeric scale of 1 to 70. To achieve the top grade 70, a coin must have no post-production imperfections at 5x magnification. The current 70-point grading scale for coins is not going away. Rather, NGC has recognized an opportunity to bring new collectors to the hobby by offering a 10-point scale for modern issue coins. The 10-point scale has long been the standard for most collectibles including comic books, sports cards, and trading cards. The 10-point system was introduced in 2003, coins released in 2023 and certified in perfect MS10 condition will be particularly sought after.


Kenneth Bressett Signatures 

NGC is the leader in labels that are individually hand-signed by some of the hobby's most influential figures. These authentic signature labels add a personal touch that creates a one-of-a-kind collectible with an important historical connection. In 1962, Kenneth Bressett was appointed editor of the Official Red Book. He has since become one of the most famous numismatic researchers and writers of all time having published numerous books and articles in his more than 60 years of involvement in the hobby. The Official Red Book is the world's best-selling coin collecting guide with more than 24 million copies sold since it was first published in 1946. The Official Red Book is an essential reference book for anyone with an interest in U.S coins.


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