1880 CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS63 Mint Error Obverse Struck Thru

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1880 CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS63 Mint Error Obverse Struck Thru Morgan Silver Dollars minted with the Iconic CC for Carson City Mintmark were only minted from 1878-1893. Only about 2% of all the Morgan Dollars produced were struck at Carson City, which makes them harder to find than coins struck at the Denver, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco Mints. We recently discovered this 1880 CC Morgan with a struck through obverse. In 1880, 591,000 Morgan dollars were struck at the Carson City Mint however, almost 100,000 of those coins did not meet the standards for silver fineness and were melted the following year, leaving a final mintage of only 495,000 coins. Struck through mint errors occur when a piece of foreign material comes between the die and a planchet during striking, leaving a small impression on the coins surface.  Date: 1880Mint: CCMetal: SilverWeight: 0.7734 troy oz.Purity.900Diameter: 38.1Condition: MS63Obverse Struck Through Erro


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