U.S. Mint Advance Release Gold Proof Sets

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U.S. Mint Advance Release Gold Proof Sets

2022 W Four-Piece Gold Eagle Type Set NGC PF70 Advance Release – Cabral Signature – U.S. Treasurer’s Series

This Gold Eagle Proof set struck at the West Point Mint is the most exclusive and highest value item released in 2022 by the United States Mint. We offer the complete four-piece set certified in flawless PF70 condition by NGC. In addition to being certified and graded in the highest PF70 condition, this set has the exceptionally rare and coveted “Advance Release” designation. The Advance Release designation is only available on select U.S. Coins, this rarely seen designation has only appeared six times on proof coins and once on mint state coins. (The 2021 Morgan Dollars). Of the 10,000 Gold Eagle Proof Sets authorized by the U.S. Mint in 2022, two thousand of them were made available through select distributors before the official launch of the coins.  The Advanced Release designation signifies that this set was among this very small group of coins, the absolute first to be released from the mint. 
The combination of the best PF70 condition, the most exclusive Advance Release designation, and esteemed signature of the 42nd Treasurer of the United States makes this set an absolute rarity.  
All four coins in this set have been individually hand-signed by Anna Escobedo Cabral, 42nd Treasurer of the United States. The Cabral signature is one of the best known and most sought after signatures in all of numismatics having also appeared on the $100 bills series 2003A, 2004A, 2006, and 2006A.  
NGC PF70 Ultra Cameo Certification   - West Point Mintmark
These coins were struck at the West Point Mint and have a high-quality proof strike.  Proof coins exhibit varying degrees of Luster, mint bloom, or frost, on the design elements. This is achieved when the surrounding smooth mirrored surfaces are polished on the coining die to give them a brilliant finish. As the dies are used repeatedly to strike coins, this effect can fade. NGC has examined the “Strike Elements” of these Advance Release coins and awarded them the best Ultra Cameo designation. This designation only applies to proof coins where the smooth surfaces, (The fields) are deeply mirrored and the devices (design elements) are heavily frosted for bold contrast on both sides of the coin.

Collector Highlights

American Gold Eagles are the most collected gold coins in the world
The Four-Piece Type Set is the highest value and most exclusive U.S. Mint release
Advance Releases – Most exclusive designation in all of numismatics
PF70 Ultra Cameo – Proof coins are specially struck for collectors
West Point Mint strike – Each coin bears the W mintmark
Cabral Signature – One of the best-known names – her signature appears on $100 bills
Eye-catching presentation – Exclusive black core U.S. Treasurer’s Series labels
Low certified population

Date: 2022
Metal: Gold
Mint: W - West Point
Weight: 1.85 troy oz.
Purity: .9167
Condition: NGC PF70
Designation: Advance Releases

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