There’s a first time for everything!

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There’s a first time for everything!

2022 W Silver Eagle PCGS SP70 Advance Release – Damstra signed- First-Ever Advance Release T2 Burnished coin

These 2022 coins struck at the West Point Mint are the first burnished Silver Eagles in the new Type 2 series certified as Advance Release coins. Only 12,000 coins were eligible for Advance Release certification, the lowest designated mintage of any Type 1 or Type 2 Silver Eagle. (2021 and 2022 Advance Release Proof coins had designated mintages of 30,000 coins).
The Advanced Release designation signifies this coin is from a small group of coins, (12,000) the absolute first to be released from the United States Mint before the coins were offered to collectors and the general public. This coin is certified in flawless SP70 condition by PCGS and is individually hand-signed by Emily S. Damstra, the designer of the coin, her initials ESD appear on every coin.   
Emily S. Damstra is an award-winning Master coin designer with an impressive 42 credits at the United States and Royal Canadian Mints. Two of her designs have won Coin of the Year (COTY) awards.
There is no better designation (Advance Release) or more valuable signature (Emily S. Damstra) on this coin!

Collector Highlights 

First Type 2 Advance Release Burnished coin
Key date first full year of production coin
Rare Advance Release Certified – Very Limited
Damstra Signature – her initials ESD appear on the coin
PCGS SP70 DCAM – Highest Grade
W for West Point mintmark
Only 12,000 coins eligible for Advance Release certification

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