Signed Coins

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Signed Coins

Coins are collected by their date, mintmark, condition, rarity, special strikes, and issues. Signed coins are coins whose certified holders (slabs) have been individually hand-signed by someone with an interesting personal connection to a particular coin. Signed coins allow collectors to customize their sets, enhance the quality of presentation, and add a level of exclusivity and collectability. Coins have been signed by athletes, celebrities, coin designers, Generals, Mint directors, and many others. The popularity of Signed coins or Signature Series coins extends beyond the borders of the United States to Australian, British, Canadian, Chinese, and South African coins.

Top Most Sought-After Signatures on US Coins

The market for signed coins is growing daily. Based on who has signed the important key date modern issue coins, their longevity in the industry, PCGS population reports, NGC census reports, public auction records, and price guides, the most sought after signature coins in Alphabetical order are:

Kenneth Bressett - Appointed editor of the Official Red Book in 1962. He has since become one of the most famous numismatic researchers and writers of all time having published numerous books and articles in his more than 60 years of involvement in the hobby. He currently serves as the Official Red Book’s editor emeritus

Anna Escobedo Cabral - 42nd Treasurer of the United States, worked closely with the directors of the US Mint during a dynamic time in its history when some of its most successful and innovative coins were released. Her signature appeared on Federal Reserve Notes Series 2003A, 2004A, 2006, and 2006A.

Michael Castle - “The Coinage Congressman”. was a two-term Governor of Delaware and near twenty-year member of the US House of Representatives. He is directly responsible for some of the most important and popular modern U.S. coins. He introduced legislation that authorized the American Gold Buffalo coins, Americas first 24- karat gold coins, the American Platinum Eagle series, 50 States Quarters Program, the Sacagawea Dollar, the Presidential Dollar Series and numerous commemoratives. Castle's fifth great-grandfathers were founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Daniel Carroll. .

Emily S. Damstra - Master coin designer with 40 credits at the United States and Royal Canadian Mints. Two of her designs have won Coin of the Year (COTY) awards. She is the designer of the new Type 2 American Silver Eagles.

John Dannreuther - Co-founded PCGS in 1986, is one of the great numismatic research experts of all time. He has authored several books, including The Official Guide to Coin Grading, Counterfeit Detection, Early U.S. Gold Varieties, and Proof Gold Coinage of the U.S. He was named one of Coin World’s Most Influential People (1960-2020).


John M. Mercanti - The 12th Chief Engraver of the US Mint, and the designer of the reverse of the American Silver Eagle 1986-2021. He designed well over 100 coins and medals—more than any other employee in the history of the US Mint.

Edmund C. Moy - The 38th Director of the United States Mint 2006-2011, was in charge of the world’s largest organization that manufacturer coins and medals. Moy led the U.S. Mint at a time when it launched many exciting new coins for collectors, bookended by the release of the hugely successful 20th Anniversary Silver and Gold Eagles in 2006 and the 25th Anniversary Silver Eagles in 2011. In his first year as Mint Director of the world’s premier manufacturer of coins, Moy increased numismatic sales to over $1 billion by increasing interest in modern coin collecting. In 2006 He helped introduce the American Gold Buffalo series, America’s first 24 karat gold coin, the Presidential Dollar program in 2007 and the America the Beautiful Quarters program, in 2009 the $20 Ultra High Relief gold coin along with several other interesting and innovative issues.

David J. Ryder - Served as both 34th and 39th Director of the United States Mint. Named one of Coin World’s Most Influential People (1960-2020), Ryder brought many exciting modern coins to the marketplace, greatly enhancing the tradition of U.S. coin collecting with his leadership. He oversaw the most popular U.S. Mint releases of recent memory, including the 75th Anniversary of World War II, Type 2 Silver Eagle, and Gold Eagle, as well as the 100th Anniversary Morgan and Peace Dollars. He Led the continued operation of the U.S. Mint during the global pandemic, including generating near-record revenue through its wildly popular numismatic releases while many of the mint’s peers around the world ceased operations.

Other popular Signatures

Paul Balan - U.S. Mint artist engraver with 15 design credits

John Boehner - Represented Ohio in the US House of Representatives from 1991 to 2015 and served as Speaker of the House from 2011 to 2015

General George William Casey Jr. - A four-star general who served as the 36th Chief of Staff of the United States Army from 2007 to 2011.

Thomas S. Cleveland - An original Master Designer from the United States Mint’s Artistic Infusion Program (AIP). He has 15 design credits

Don Everhart – Lead sculptor at the U.S. Mint has been involved in the creation of hundreds of coins

Joel Iskowitz – A prolific designer of coins and medals worldwide. He has 50 design credits

Michael Guadioso - a coin designer and engraver with 40 credits at the U.S. Mint

Jennie Norris - a professional graphic designer, illustrator, and award-winning fine artist. She is the designer of the new 2021 Type 2 American Gold Eagle reverse.

Michael Reagan – Son of former President Ronald Reagan.


Michael Miles Standish - A prominent numismatist, author, coin grader, and industry innovator

Clifton Truman Daniel - The oldest grandson of former United States President Harry S. Truman and First Lady Bess Truman.

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