First Coins certified in MCR Congressional Series NGC certified labels   

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First Coins certified in MCR Congressional Series NGC certified labels   

First Coins certified in MCR Congressional Series NGC certified labels   
NGC certified special labels allow collectors to customize their sets, enhance the quality of presentation, and add a level of exclusivity and collectability.
This significant 2022 W American Silver Eagle is the first coin certified in the new 2022 NGC Congressional coin series label. This key date first full year of production Type 2 coin is offered in flawless PF70 UCAM condition. This coin has the coveted  Advanced Release designation signifying it comes from a small group of coins, the absolute first to be released from the United States Mint before the coins were offered to collectors and the general public. This is only the second time the Advance Release designation has been used on a Type 2 Silver Eagle struck at the WestPoint Mint. It may also be the last!
Michael Castle is an absolute top name in the Signature coin market


Michael Castle, “The Coinage Congressman”. was a two-term Governor of Delaware and near twenty-year member of the US House of Representatives. While in Congress  Mike Castle introduced legislation that authorized a number of important and popular modern U.S. coins. Most notably The American Platinum Eagle series, the first $100 on a U.S. coin, the $50 Gold Buffalo, the first U.S. 24 karat gold coin, the 50 State Quarters program, the most successful coin series in history, the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, this act called for the creation of a five-ounce silver bullion coin, the largest silver coin ever created by the US Mint. Castle also drafted and sponsored the legislation that limited the number of new commemorative coins  to two per year. This limit was designed to focus the series and build collector interest. This legislation included the 2006 silver dollars that honored Benjamin Franklin, an ancestor of Castle's.  
"Mike Castle has done more than any other person in the last 25 years to shape United States coins," says Steven R. Eichenbaum, CEO of NGC. Michael Castle
Collector Highlights
New 2022 MCR Congressional Series Label
Most collected proof coin in the world
Rare Advance Release Certified – Very Limited
Signed by Michael Castle
NGC PF70 UCAM – Highest Grade
Key date – First full year of issue
W for West Point mintmark

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