A timeless hobby meets the 10-point grading scale

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A timeless hobby meets the 10-point grading scale

A timeless hobby meets the 10-point grading scale
For centuries, coins have been collected — for enjoyment, for study, as an investment and as a benchmark of achievement. In the late 1940s, a numeric scale of 1 to 70 was introduced by Dr. William Sheldon to describe the relative values of US one cent coins. In theory, a coin graded 1 would be worth $1 and a coin graded 70 would be worth $70. The values quickly became irrelevant, but the grading scale stuck. NGC adopted the Sheldon grading scale when it was established in 1987, and it remains the industry standard to this day.
Meanwhile, the collecting instinct has expanded to include comic books, sports cards, trading cards, video games and much more — the list continues to grow as new categories emerge, with collectors seeking to protect and preserve the things they love. These collectibles are virtually always evaluated on 10-point grading scales, which new collectors quickly recognize and readily understand. Each 10-point grading scale is precise and nuanced based on the collectible type.
NGCX, only from NGC
The 70-point grading scale for coins isn’t going anywhere. Rather, NGC recognized an opportunity to bring in new collectors to the hobby by wielding the power of X — NGCX — a 10-point grading scale for coins.
The NGCX 10-point grading scale aligns with today’s expectations for coin grading, and what it means to be the best. On the NGCX scale, 10 is the supreme grade, equivalent to a 70 on the traditional scale. The subsequent grades cascade from 10, a criterion understood by all. For example, a coin graded NGCX Mint State or Proof 10 has no imperfections at 5x magnification, the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 70. Likewise, an NGCX Mint State or Proof 9.9 is the same as a coin graded NGC Mint State or Proof 69 — each a fully struck coin with nearly imperceptible imperfections.
Westminster Mint is offering NGCX Certified Coins with the New 10 - Point Scale Hand Signed by Industry Titans
Kenneth Bressett
Michael Castle
Anna Escobedo Cabral
John Mercanti
Edmund C. Moy
David Ryder
The traditional MS70 and PF70 designation are not going away the new 10 – point designation will be offered side by side.

Yes, please notify me about special offers on the new NGCCX Coins.

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