2021 (P) American Silver Eagle T1 Emergency Issue PCGS MS70 First Day of Issue

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2021 (P) American Silver Eagle T1 Emergency Issue PCGS MS70 First Day of Issue

Collectors place great value on the first and last coins issued in a series. We offer this low mintage, the final year of issue Type 1 Silver Eagle in perfect MS70 condition. This coin is one of just 495,000 Emergency Issue coins released by the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia.
Because of the unprecedented high demand for the final Type 1 coins, and production interruptions because of the Coronavirus, the U.S. Mint opened both the Philadelphia and San Francisco Mints to produce extra coins. These coins are dubbed “Emergency Issue ” dollars and are highly sought-after. Only  495,000 Emergency Issue were made at Philadelphia and 1,000,000 coins at the San Francisco Mint. These low designated mintages, make Emergency Issue coins some of the rarest coins in the Type 1 series. This coin is the final Type 1 coin released with the iconic Heraldic Eagle design, There will never be any additional Type 1 coins struck, guaranteeing the special collectible status of this coin!

Coins are graded on a 70-point scale with 70 being absolute perfection! This coin has been certified in perfect MS70 condition by PCGS. In addition to the perfect MS70 grade, this coin is a coveted First Day of Issue coin. Because bullion strike Silver Eagles have no mintmark showing where they were struck, PCGS shows the P for Philadelphia in parenthesis (P). PCGS has identified these coins as Emergency Issues because they were submitted to PCGS in original U.S. Mint strapped and sealed boxes of 500 coins with supporting paperwork from the U.S. Mint at Philadelphia.   
Collector Highlights
Final Year of issue for Type 1 coins
Final Emergency Issue coins
Very low designated mintage 495,000 coins
Perfect MS70 condition
Coveted First Day if Issue status

Date: 2021
Metal: Silver
Weight: 1 troy oz.
Purity: .999
Diameter: 40.6 mm
Condition: MS70

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