2019 W $100 American Liberty High Relief PCGS SP70 PL WestPoint Mint Hoard – Emily S. Damstra Signature

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2019 W $100 American Liberty High Relief PCGS SP70 PL WestPoint Mint Hoard – Emily S. Damstra Signature

The American Liberty coins are high-relief specimens with an enhanced uncirculated finish. High-relief coins are struck multiple times under intense pressure in the coining press to create the best possible 3D appearances for the design elements. We showcase this exceptional coin in perfect SP70 PL condition by PCGS. The Proof-Like (PL) attribution on a modern issue gold coin is exceptionally rare and very desirable. Among other considerations, in order to be awarded the coveted PL designation, there must be a clear reflection in the fields, (any flat area of the coin that hasn't been raised off of the coin during the striking process)  on BOTH SIDES of the coin as viewed from two to four inches away.
In addition to the rare Proof-Like attribution, this coin has the added provenance of being a significant coin from the WestPoint Mint hoard. At the end of each year’s production, the U.S. Mint usually collects any of its unsold coins bearing the “W” mintmark, removes them from their packaging, and melts them down. We say “usually” because in 2019 the Mint discovered it had some leftover stock including these magnificent $100 High Relief coins. Rather than melt them, the Mint made a surprise move and sold them to a buyer in a private auction. The coins that escaped the melting pot, have been designated by PCGS as the “WestPoint Mint Hoard”. This designation gives this coin a desirable and rare provenance not seen since the famed Government Services Administration (GSA) Morgan Dollar hoard in 1972!   

Coins are certified on a 70-point basis, with 70 being absolute perfection. Beyond the perfect SP70 grade, this coin has the seldom-seen Proof-Like (PL) designation. There is no SP71 grade on the Sheldon Coin grading scale!, but a PL designation outshines a perfect SP70 designation. The genuine hand signature of Emily S. Damstra on the PCGS certified holder adds another level of exclusivity to this remarkable coin. Emily S. Damstra is an award winning Master coin designer with an impressive 40 credits at the United States and Royal Canadian Mints. Two of her designs have won Coin of the Year (COTY) awards. Emily has entered into an exclusive agreement with Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) to sign popular modern issue Gold, Silver and Platinum coins. Her sought-after signature adds another level of exclusivity and collectability to the top PCGS certified coins.
Collector Highlights

· $100 face value – Highest face value of any U.S. Coin
· Special High-relief enhanced finish strike
· Certified in perfect SP70 PL condition by PCGS
· Coin signed by Master Designer Emily S. Damstra  
· Rare WestPoint Mint provenance – Significant coin from the hoard
· Minted in one troy ounce of 24-karat gold


Date 2019
Metal: Gold
Weight: 1 troy oz.
Purity: 24-kt
Mint: West point W
Condition: PCGS SP70 PL

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