1893 Declaration of Independence Gold Medal

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1893 Declaration of Independence Gold Medal

1893 Declaration of Independence Gold Medal
Presented to President Grover Cleveland
6 –ounces of gold!Presented to President Grover Cleveland at the World’s Columbian Exposition
Unique, 6 Ounces of 23 Karat Gold and Massive 59mm

Grover Cleveland, President of the United States
It was the dawn of the greatest fair in America’s history. All the eyes of the world would be upon the city of Chicago as it hosted the World’s Columbian Exposition.
The Mayor, Carter Harrison Sr (first cousin twice removed of President William Henry Harrison) had a monumental task. Not only was he overseeing one of the greatest spectacles of achievement in human history, he knew that President Grover Cleveland was coming to town.

Carter Harrison Sr, Chicago Mayor
Harrison sought the help of Maier Weinschenk (1834-1905) and William Boldenweck (1851-1922) to design something of extraordinary magnificence that he could present to President Cleveland himself.
The result was a glorious 23 karat gold, 6 ounce and 59mm massive gold medal struck especially for Cleveland at the Philadelphia Mint. There was only one made in gold, as would be befitting for a President. When it was given to Cleveland, he boasted of the medal’s excellence.
The Medal would remain in Cleveland’s own collection for many years. Cleveland was known to have collected coins and medals of special significance, but to our knowledge only this Medal and an 1803 $10 gold piece we once owned have ever been traced all the way back to him.
The Medal wasn’t discovered for many years later when it was found in the back of Israel Switt’s Philadelphia safe. Switt, of course, was a legendary Philadelphia coin dealer who owned all ten 1933 Double Eagles – a story of significant controversy to this day.
The World’s Columbian Exposition was one of the greatest displays of human achievement. It featured many innovations from phosphorescent lamps to the introduction of the ferris wheel and beyond. It would take place over 600 acres hosting more than 24 million people in total over its course.

Photo by C.D. Arnold (1844-1927)
Depicts the Administration Building and Republic Statue during the World’s Fair
The Expo is the source of significant historic intrigue to this day. There is an entire side story about Carter Harrison Sr, the Mayor who gave the Medal to Cleveland, and his assassination just two days after the close of the Expo in October 1893. This sub-plot is a major story piece in the famous modern-day bestselling book The Devil in the White City.

The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson
Murder, Magic and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
The book is premised on the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition with the subplot of Mayor Carter Harrison Sr’s assassination. Carter's hand presented this gold Medal to Cleveland just before his own death. Leonardo DiCaprio acquired film rights in 2010.
The Medal is one of absolute magnificence in every sense. The edges were hand-finished by a Chicago jeweler who delicately scalloped the rim and finely reeded the edges. Every single aspect had to be perfect.
The design features encompass everything from the landing of the Pilgrims to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ to the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Everything America represented was symbolized in this magnificent piece.
May 14, 1893, of the San Francisco Call Bulletin, explains the presentation ceremony to President Cleveland with the following text:
"When President Cleveland visited Chicago last week Mayor Harrison cast about to see what he could select for a present for the distinguished visitor. Finally, he selected the Boldenweck medal and had one cast in sold 23-karat gold at a cost of over $300. This he presented to Mr. Cleveland in the name of Chicago, and the President admired it, expressing his unqualified approval of its excellency. The Boldenweck medal, therefore, ranks as the World's Fair souvenir medal par excellence."
It is the only opportunity you’ll ever get to acquire this unique and monumental 6 ounce gold medal. Something like this separates the men from the boys and makes a collection truly world-class.


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